The domain name service (DNS) was originally created to facilitate IP number administration, and allows us to use domain names to navigate and market ourselves online. Every computer has its own numerical IP address (e.g., and DNS is used to connect this numerical address to an address in text format. In order to avoid typing a long combination of numbers into a web browser, when we want to visit Company, for example, we can type company.com instead.

When DNS was developed there was no focus on security, and with today’s technology DNS can be a weak link in the event of a hacking attempt. The risk is that the visitor to the site will be redirected using a falsified response to the DNS look-up, and sensitive information such as passwords or account numbers could then fall into the wrong hands.

DNSSEC, DNS Security Extensions, is a security add-on for the DNS service which gives your domains the only fully comprehensive protection against DNS attacks by ensuring that the DNS look-up is digitally and cryptographically signed.

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